Zman Grubz Soft Plastics


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Anglers have used Zman Grubz Soft Plastics for decades to catch a wide variety of species.

ZMan offers a comprehensive range of curl tails from 2″ through to 9″. Curl tails have plenty of built in action, making them ideal for anglers  starting out with soft plastics and deadly for experienced anglers.

ZMan have taken the curl tail to the next level, offering the benefits of their ElaZtech material, which includes 10X Tough construction. These plastics stand up to aggressive strikes, pickers and toothy critters. They are super-soft and flexible with a realistic feel. They are buoyant, and have a tail up action and a natural feeding pose.  This means more fish for you the angler.

Zman Grubz Soft Plastics have proven deadly on almost any species that swims in our rivers, lakes and estuaries.


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