Halco Roosta Popper Lures


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Halco Roosta Popper Lures are on the cutting edge of modern popper design, with significant new innovations that improve the action and stability of this spectacular surface lure.

The head design is wide at the top and transfers to a widened tail end. A unique design that creates a popper ideal for a straight fast retrieve or a stop and start bloop with exceptional splash.

The design minimises cartwheeling and the rattle ensures significant noise, coupled with water spraying action.

Halco Roosta Popper 135:

Will have you hooked on surface fishing in an instant. This is a highly durable retrieve popper and blooper which comes standard with #2/0 Mustad 3XX Trebles to ensure you land more fish.

Alter the action of the Roosta Popper 135 by lowering your rod tip closer to the water surface. This will give the lure more bubble action, and is an ideal technique for rough weather conditions and strong winds. Made to target salt water predators such as mackerel and trevally, you can rely on these lures for many years to come.

Halco Roosta Popper 160:

Built to get the maximum noise and splash out of a medium sized popper. While still capable of retaining superior casting, excellent strength and high durability.

Minimal effort is required for this popper. Firstly, point the rod tip at the lure, and sweep the rod down 50-60 degrees.  Then secondly, allow the lure to pause momentarily, wind in any slack line and repeat at irregular intervals.

The highly distinctive head shape of the Roosta 160 provides a long and extremely noisy bubble trail.

Halco Roosta Popper Lures 195:

Designed for catching some of the toughest fish that swim.  These include Giant Trevally to Dogtooth Tuna. Built with extra heavy duty, custom made 7xx fish rings. They come equipped with Mustad #5 extra strong 5/0 trebles.

Manufactured with a blooping style retrieve in mind, the Roosta Popper 195 can be wound in at speed or trolled for excellent results.

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